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Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America – Process Automation operates under the Panasonic Corporation - a global manufacturing leader known worldwide for innovation and quality. Comprised of over 500 companies, Panasonic manufactures and markets a wide range of products for business, industrial, and consumers; thereby enhancing and enriching lifestyles throughout the world.

Effective manufacturing starts with processes, equipment, parts and software. Solutions are needed to drive throughput and efficiency as well as maximize your ROI.

You need factory solutions. You need automation. Less downtime. Lower defects. No rework.

No matter if you’re high mix/low volume, low mix/high volume, or anywhere in between, Panasonic equipment, MES software, and other services can improve throughput and efficiency while keeping quality reliably high.

Give us your toughest manufacturing challenges, we'll provide a solution.


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Explore Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America – Process Automation’s equipment, solutions and support capabilities:


Electronics Assembly
Our electronics assembly group is comprised of experts in all aspects of surface mount technology (SMT). We offer world-class equipment and solutions for printed circuit board manufacturing including component placement, chip on board (CoB), pin through hole (PTH), screen printing, inspection, dispense technologies and more. Products include: NPM, AM100, SPD, AV132, and others.

Panasonic’s microelectronic products offer high quality and precision bonding of bare IC, supporting Chip on Board (COB), Chip on Wafer (COW), and 3D die stacking applications. The equipment solutions are capable of handling various die bonding methods, such as epoxy die attach and flip chip attach, supporting Thermo-Compression (TC) or Thermo-Sonic (TS) processes. Additional technologies offered involve plasma RIE surface cleaning, plasma ICP etching, and plasma dicing of thin and brittle wafers. Products include: MDP-300, MD-P200, PSX307, and UA3P for Atomic Force Probe measurement of aspheric and free-form lens at nanometer accuracy

MES Software & Additional Process Support
Using our many years of manufacturing expertise, Panasonic’s developed modular, manufacturing execution system (MES) software for use with our equipment and others’ as well as an engineering consultant team to enhance your process. Beyond equipment programming software and locally-developed for the global market, PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition offers optimization, process control, application engineering, system integration, program generation, line balancing, production scheduling and supply chain management solutions. Additional offerings encompass inventory control, traceability and production and factory monitoring solutions. Products include: PanaCIM Enterprise Edition Modules, Calibration & Certification, Enterprise Consulting.

Technical Support and Training We offer technical support for every hardware and software product and process including application engineering, field service, telephone assistance and onsite support. To help your team become acclimated or advance their skills varying levels of training classes are also available for Panasonic software and equipment systems. Additional solutions include preventive maintenance kits; assistance with optimization, traceability, conversion to lead-free; extended warranties; feeder repair and more.

Spare Parts, Tools and Rebuild Services Our parts organization provides OEM parts ranging from consumables to repair to refurbished parts. Our cost-saving solutions, lubricants, tools and jigs, will help maximize the utilization of your equipment with increased throughput and accuracy while boosting your bottom line. Rebuild Services are also available to refurbish your older machines.

Parts ordering options include:


Arc Welding Robotics
In North America Panasonic welding products are distributed exclusively through Miller Welding Automation. Contact Miller for sales, service, parts, technical support, product training and software solutions at .

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