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Panasonic's Advanced Metrology Solutions bring your equipment's accuracy to a higher level - enabling your company to move toward Six Sigma level manufacturing. Panasonic Calibration also allows your maintenance to move from reactive to predictive, reducing overall downtime.

Panasonic Advanced Metrology Solutions' calibration and certification portfolio offers two solutions: onsite certification service and AMS (Advanced Metrology System).

The documentation created for machine certification and tracking can be used for ISO9000 procedures, regulatory requirements or customer requirements. Our engineers provide in-depth knowledge of machine calibration and characterization, getting to the root cause on some of the most difficult problems. Panasonic engineers also have extensive knowledge in metrology, MSA, and Six Sigma manufacturing and can answer the questions you may have on these subjects.

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Onsite Certification


Complete, turnkey metrology service for your placement machines

Advanced Metrology System

advanced metrology

An integrated metrology system for in-house quality initiatives


Learn more about Panasonic Calibration and Six Sigma six sigma calibration


Why do you need to make sure your equipment is accurate?

I have regulatory drivers, customer requirements, or my own company's internal requirements for accuracy.

I've just purchased a new machine or moved an older machine and it needs to be calibrated.

I have unresolved quality problems with missing components/alignment.

I need to reduce my maintenance time.

I'm having trouble with product portability.

What are your challenges in making sure your machines are accurate?

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