High-Volume Manufacturing

Global competition is forcing companies to improve quality, reduce delivery, and lower cost. As such, manufacturers must embrace lean manufacturing—a systemic approach to eliminate wasteful, non-value-added activities through continuous improvement in the pursuit of perfection. Lean manufacturing is evident throughout all levels of PCBA, yet flourishes in high-volume environments like consumer and automotive.

As a manufacturer ourselves, it is no surprise we are experts in lean manufacturing. In fact, 4 out of top 5 smart phone manufactures and 7 of the top 10 automotive suppliers rely on Panasonic solutions for their high-volume production. Panasonic provides effective and essential high-volume solutions:

high productivity performance meter

High Productivity

Independent Dual Lane - While traditional “shared” dual lane provides high-speed production, our standard independent and hybrid modes offer higher productivity—allowing simultaneous production and changeover without stopping the line. Add PanaCIM® Production Control & Changeover to further reduce changeover time and increase asset utilization by simply scanning a barcode.

Single-pass Component Inspection - Industry’s first and only multi-recognition 3D component vision inspection system increases line output and reduces defects by inspecting positional alignment, component thickness, and lead/ball coplanarity in a single time-saving step.

Real-time Resource Allocation - PanaCIM Production Monitoring and Dispatch Software is a proactive real-time monitoring and notification system to predict production events and then dispatch appropriate resources regardless of factory location.

High Speed

Fast, Lightweight Head - Our latest advancement in inline head design brings a new lightweight 16-nozzle head capable of 84,000 cph to the NPM Series placement equipment.

Superior Throughput & Accuracy - The dual gantry, linear motor system provides fast acceleration with low vibration for superior throughput and accuracy while eliminating issues typically associated with common ball screw, belt, and other systems.

Stability for Fast Microchip Placement - Combining leading machine throughput with a reinforced machine frame provides the stability to handle 03015mm and 0201mm microchips at high production speeds.

High Speed Panasonic NASCAR
High Yield Arrows

High Yield

Real-time Active Calibration - Mount components accurately without squandering production time on calibration setup or wasting money on consumable slugs and fixtures.

Adaptive Process Control (APC) - This patented inspection method checks that the machine mounts components onto identified solder paste locations rather than pads, which further minimizes DPMO, especially with microchips and high density circuits.

Accurate Component Setup - PanaCIM Material Verification expedites accurate setup, replenishment, and changeover by confirming the right components are loaded into the right place to prevent material waste and production errors.

See these high-volume benefits in Panasonic solutions including the NPM-D3 and NPM-W mounters, as well as our SPD printer and PanaCIM MES system.

NPM-W2 SMT Equipment


NPM-W2 Versatile, Large Board Mounter

  • Handle boards over 47” long at production speeds configured for your application
  • Investment protection with options for advanced processes along with interchangeable heads for placement, dispensing, or inspection
  • Common feeder technology with our award-winning CM Series and AM100 mounters


SPD Screen Printer


SPD High-speed, Dual-lane System Printer

  • High quality with fast, multiple-step snap-off
  • Nonstop production in high-mix environment
  • Supports dual lane board handling of PCBs up to 13.8 x 11.7” (350 x 300mm)


PanaCIM MES Logo


PanaCIM Software

  • MES Solution developed and supported in the US and deployed globally to provide the right information at the right time to the right decision makers
  • Scalable, integrated, cost-effective PanaCIM software modules offer new levels of capability across your entire enterprise
  • Award-winning PanaCIM Express delivers production analysis and material verification, as well as production monitoring and dispatch without costly IT infrastructure investments or maintenance


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