LED Technology

Panasonic LED Technology Application Guide

The LED (light emitting diode) market is evolving and growing…again. Historical growth emerged as manufacturers quickly adopted LEDs for either mobile phone or flat screen TV back-lighting. Now a new driver is fostering this growth stage. Rather than enhancing consumer products, the industry is turning to LEDs for energy conservation and environmental consciousness, underpinned by mandated government regulations.

Since Panasonic manufactures LEDs, Panasonic System Solutions – Process Automation has the distinctive ability to guide our customers with manufacturing best practices. In fact, our sister company, Panasonic Industrial Devices, provides integrated production from LED elements to packages and modules.

Pulling from our internal production expertise and considerable number of installations, Panasonic can help lighting and LED manufacturers hone the process with critical printing and mounting solutions, as well as assembly materials & process tools.

Key enabling attributes of Panasonic solutions include:
  • Industry’s first multi-recognition 3D vision system increases output & reduces defects by inspecting alignment, thickness, and coplanarity in a single pass
  • LED vision algorithms can align LED components based on phosphor position, body, or a combination for positional accuracy and ideal optical alignment
  • PanaCIM® Material Control LED Pairing links LED batch numbers with matching resistors to ensure uniform light emission
  • BOM-based Auto Program Update allows changes to programs based on inventory availability of LED and resistors to set weekly production schedules
  • Patent-pending reel holder isolates component reels for ideal environmental conditions, which maximizes production yields/minimizes component loss
  • “Active Calibration” helps with proper optical alignment while allowing more time for production and saving money on consumables
  • PanaCIM® Material Verification expedites accurate setup, replenishment, and changeover while removing human error
  • Dedicated applications support staff with connections to major LED suppliers so nozzles and other elements are ready for new components when you need them

See these LED process aids in Panasonic solutions like the NPM-D3, NPM-W2, and AM100 mounters, as well as our SPG printer and the PanaCIM® MES system.

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