NPM-TT Twin Tray Assembly Platform


The NPM-TT (Next Production Modular-Twin Tray) is the latest model from Panasonic's award-winning NPM platform for expanding and evolving electronics assembly requirements.

Further bolstering the SMT process to accommodate more tray-supplied parts in full independently-run-lane mode, this electronics assembly machine processes boards up to 510 x 590mm and its dual lane functionality allows assembly of more of one product or two different products at the same time - ideal for both high-mix, low-volume and low-mix, high-volume manufacturing.

The trays can also be used offline to set up the next product while the machine is in production, shortening changeover time and maximizing efficiency.

And besides accommodating tape and tray on both sides, the NPM-TT adds in-line PoP to a NPM-D line and shares common feeders across the entire NPM platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Get the ultimate benefit of a dual-lane platform
  • Part range: (01005) 0402 chip to 120L x 90W x 28T to BGA up to 80x80
  • Process up to 20-trays and 26 fixed tape and reel inputs per side for a total of 92 available inputs
  • Compatible with CM and NPM-D series intelligent feeders & nozzles
  • Flexible feeder/tray locations
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