Package-on-Package (PoP) Technology

Panasonic PoP Technology Application Guide

Panasonic pioneers new technologies and assembly techniques. As well as being at the forefront with accomplishments in 0402mm (01005) and 03015mm microchip placement, Panasonic began outlining and presenting the Package-on-Package (PoP) assembly process back in 2005.

In the following years the Package-on-Package process has matured and many designers have adopted the technology to drive miniaturization, lower product costs, and improve electrical performance across applications in consumer devices, communication infrastructure, and other areas. Therefore, 3D stacking technology continues to gain momentum and manufacturers must tackle the challenges the process presents.

We have the rare ability to guide our customers with manufacturing best practices gleaned from being global manufacturers ourselves as well as what we’ve learned by cooperating with other leading process experts. Panasonic has the equipment, connections, and process knowledge to help manufacturers successfully implement package-on-package assembly.

Key enabling attributes of Panasonic solutions include:
  • The industry’s first multi-recognition 3D component vision inspection system to inspect alignment, thickness, and the presence of components, leads, and balls in a single time-saving step
  • Patented tinted flux for sufficient coverage verification before placement of the top component onto the package yielding robust solder joints and high yield
  • “Active Calibration” so top and bottom components are accurately mounted with proper optical alignment while saving time and consumables
  • PanaCIM® Material Verification to prevent material waste and human error by expediting accurate setup, replenishment, and changeover
  • Plug-and-play Multifunction Transfer Unit (MTU) to help with consistent solder coverage using an automatic reservoir refill system, servo-driven, linear slide and programmable squeegee gap

See these Package-on-Package process aids in Panasonic solutions like the NPM-D3 & NPM-W2, and AM100 mounters and the PanaCIM® MES system.

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