Pre-Owned Certified

Need additional placement or replacement equipment? Buying new not an option? Panasonic Pre-Owned Certified Equipment takes the risk out of the equation when purchasing pre-owned equipment with machines totally rebuilt with OEM-genuine parts by Panasonic factory-trained engineers and backed up with warranties for parts and labor.

Don’t worry about forecasting future costs and time to get a used machine up to spec while maintaining production requirements. Call Panasonic. We stock pre-owned certified equipment, find and refurbish to your requirements, rebuild your current equipment, and consider trade-ins and/or buying back.

Contact us for available machine inventory.

Take a look at some types of our pre-owned certified equipment below.


Certified CM402

Flexible, refurbished placement machine. 60,000 cph. 216 8mm reels.


Certified CM602

Modular, high-speed, reconfigurable, refurbished placement. 100,000 cph. 216 8mm reels.


Certified CM401

Refurbished, flexible SMT placement. 30,000cph. 108 8mm reels.


Certified DT401

Refurbished direct-tray multi-function placement. 5,140 cph. 40 trays.

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