SPD Dual-Lane Screen Printer

spdscreenprinterSPD PDF

The SPD (screen printer dual) features high-speed simultaneous production of two boards of the same type or two completely different products. Non-stop model changeover capability allows changeover of one stencil while the other product is still running. And within its small footprint, the SPD's advanced squeegee reduces solder waste and prevents clogs while Panasonic's uni-floating printing method ensures excellent filling regardless of board asperity.

The SPD has two printing stages (front and rear sides). When two same type PCBs up to 350mm x 300mm are produced, it delivers productivity of 8.5s/PCB including average clean time.

Learn about the NPM-D, a modular assembly companion solution to the SPD.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality production with high-speed multiple snap-off
  • Save time and keep high-mix production going with non-stop model changeover
  • Handles boards up to 350mm L x 300mm W
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